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Surface Protective Systems




Mechanically Anchored Thermoplastic Linings

Concrete is a building material with high static load-bearing capacity, but poor resistance to acids and bases. Plastic is an extremely acid-resistant building material, with poor static durability.

The benefit is obvious. Two proven and well-known materials are meaningfully combined, creating a material resource with new positive properties and
                                                                    effectively offsetting the disadvantages of both original


General Information

An exceptional feature of the system is the anchor technique on the back of the sheet, with special studs increasing in size in a conical shape. They create an inseparable mechanical bond between the plastic lining and the concrete, and additionally prevent differential expansion.



  • smooth, anti adhesive inner surface with low friction, preventing incrustation
  • environmentally safe lining material, suitable for drinking water
  • repeatedly checkable for gas and water leakage, easy to repair
  • easy to handle and instal
  • mechanically bond between concrete and plastic lining
  • high resistance to corrosive materials
  • high impact and mechanical durability that can be welded to ensure a gas and water
     leakage barrier
  • concrete crack bridging capability

Fields of Applications

  • sewer pipe systems
  • electrolytic cells
  • storage tanks
  • basins and collection tanks
  • leachate water tanks
  • shaft constructions
  • vessels
  • heavy duty channels in chemical plants



Large-scale anchor studs correspond to sheet thickness (3-15 mm) and conditions, cast in concrete. Material grades are HDPE,PP, PVC, PVDF. Special quality standards are available for specific conditions.


Bekaplast™ DWS (Double Wall System)

The double-wall system consisting of lining sheet and leak detection sheet includes a gap that indicates any leakage liquid. The system is applied for concrete vessels that require leakage monitoring. Large-scale anchors in the amount of 144 per square meter, tightly welded to the leak detection sheet thickness (5 or 8 mm) and then cast in the concrete. Material grade is HDPE and with some limitations PP. Special quality standards are available for specific conditions.


Lining 400™

Large number of anchors (395 per square meter) corresponding to a sheet thickness of 2.5 mm are specially used in sewage systems, shafts and vessels in sewage plants and sewer pipes. Material grade is HDPE, special quality standards are available for specific conditions.


Ankerplast is a tubing construction of municipal sewers and other prefabricated concrete parts.

HDPE anchor sheets of thickness 5 to 8 mm are laid into the shuttering during the production of the prefabricated concrete parts and cast.T After completion of the prefabricated construction, the lining is welded using welding cones. Material grade is HDPE, special quality standards are available for specific conditions.

Bolted Lining™

Bolted lining is suitable for subsequent lining and relining projects, and for lining of steel sheet devices.

Implemented using reinforcing rings at the anchor points as well as special steel bolts and plugs after completion of the concrete construction. The gap between concrete and lining contains a spacer. Sheet thickness is 5 to 8 mm. Material grade is HDPE, special quality standards are available for specific conditions.

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