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Catalyst Technology

Since 1980 Steuler has been developing and installing SCR- and oxidation catalysts. These catalysts are suitable to recover the pollutants such as Nox, CO, CxHy and dioxins into the naturally occuring compounds of the atmosphere like nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide. No residual materials results with that and the used catalysts are taken back by Steuler and are recycled and re-used for the manufacturing of new catalysts.

SCR-catalysts on zeolite basis for the reduction of Nox with urea or ammonia as reducing agent.Dioxins and furans are decomposed during the sameprocess stage.


Oxidation catalysts for the catalysts combustion of CO and CxHy to CO2 and water.


You will find a collection of data sheets for each business field. Convince yourself of quality and performance of our plants:


·  Heraeus - flue gas purification for special waste incineration

·  Catalysts exhaust gas purification system on a service train

·  CO2- production with the Steuler ECO2-PRO system

·  SCR reduction system at KIRKWOOD SKI RESORT, California

·  2 SCR catalysts systems on a high-speed catamaran

·  oxidation catalysts for all applications

·  Waste air purification for stainless steel pickling lines

·  Removal of nitrogen oxides from gas engines in the industry

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