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Surface Protective Systems




Ceramic Bricks and Tiles

As a protection against the mechanical stresses through wheel traffic, installation work and thermal stresses, ceramic, brick and tile coverings are used, which also increase the chemical resistance of the surface finish and ensure safe operation even under very severe conditions.


Floor, trench and foundation linings with acid resistant bricks and shapes

Wherever high chemical and mechanical resistance is required, acid resistance brick linings using Steuler Vacuum formed ceramic products are the first choice. These lining systems demonstrate outstanding properties and ensure long durability.


Self supporting dome structures for absorption drying, and other ceramic lined towers

The Steuler Grid became the generic synonym for self supporting dome structures used in brick lined packed towers such as sulfuric acid and other tower structures


Arches for conventional acid tower construction

The acid resistance ceramic bricks and shapes for the support structure of conventional acid towers and similar brick lined facilities are manufactured by Steuler wet pressing process. This process allows the mass production of acid resistant ceramic products within close quality tolerances.


Brick lining of sulfur melter and sulfur pit

The acid resistant bricks used for pits and other
facilities at high temperatures, specially for cycling
high temperature, require high resistance to both chemical attack and cracking due to high volume changes from the thermal exposures. In addition,
high mechanical wear resistance is required
when agitators are used. These requirements are met by high quality acid resistant
ceramic materials and installation methods.


Acid resistant lining for settling tanks

Settling tanks of chemical and metal producing facilities require high chemical, thermal shock and wear resistant linings.


Ceramic brick lining of tank dykes and foundations

Acid resistant ceramic linings are generally applied where high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance, such as in tank dykes, is required. The floor areas are first coated with an elastomeric membrane, bridging cracks of the concrete substrate. Then the acid resistant ceramic split pavers are placed in a reactive resinous mortar.


Acid resistant brick lining for mixing and reaction tanks

In the metallurgical and chemical industry numerous mixing tanks are used requiring chemical, thermal and mechanical wear resistant linings.


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