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Aderan Dej Co. is a well-reputed and rapid-growing company active in the field of corrosion protection systems. Through its extensive experience and customer satisfaction, it has secured its position as the Iranian market leader recently. Our main domain of activities is Surface Protective Systems with the following scope of services:

  • Holding seminars and conferences with the subject of surface protective systems
  • Technical consultations
  • Design and engineering of such systems
  • Execution of projects either on turn-key basis or as a subcontractor


Our reputation and strong position in the market has led us to enter a joint-venture or cooperation with many reputable European companies in the field of surface protective materials and systems.



Beside our main activity, Aderan Dej is also active in the following fields as exclusive agency of Steuler:


Since our philosophy is a customer-oriented approach we would welcome your useful comments for improvement of our activities. For this purpose, please contact us.