Field of Activity

Engineering & Equipment
Engineering & Equipment

Process Engineering & Equipment

Process Engineering and Equipment Department of Aderan Dej Co. is in cooperation with some German and European companies in the fields of engineering, process design and industrial-specific equipment. Our Partners:
Steuler Anlagenbau
Hugo Petersen, JL Goslar
Munsch, Begg Cousland, etc.

Refractory Systems
Refractory Systems

Refractory Systems& products

Refractory     systems     including

refractory Bricks in standard and special shaped, Mortar and Cement, Anchoring Systems and Castable on the basis of 

Silicon Carbide, Corundum, Bauxite, Andalusite Mulite

In a variety of different sizes and shapes

Plastic Engineering
Plastic Engineering

Plastic Engineering

Wide range of FRP / GRP products contains variety of Pipes, Fittings, and Equipment like Tanks, Reactors, multi-stage Absorption Towers and different equipment.

Dual Laminate FRP Type B

Pure FRP Type E & D

Alphacor & KERA Special Products

Surface Protective Systems
Surface Protective Systems

Corrosion Protection Systems

Surfaces protective systems and anti-acid / alkaline materials, generally are divided in four types:

Integrated Synthetic Resin Coatings

Acid-resistant Tile and Brick Linin Rubber Lining

Thermoplastic Lining-Bekaplast

About Aderan Dej

Aderan Company founded in 1996 with the aim of providing engineering services, procurement and implementation of anti-acid and alkaline coatings and corrosion protective systems. now with over twenty years of professional experience as one the market leader complex in field of corrosion protective systems by taking advantage of its Iranian engineers and also German experts team is continuedly active.

over the years of professional activity Aderan Dej has always been one of the main sources of design and engineering, supply of anti-acid and anti-corrosion material and systems such as anti- acid Tiles and Bricks, Synthetic Resin Coatings, Rubber Lining (Soft & Hard), Thermoplastic Linings in local industries during which close cooperation with Steuler-KCH GmbH – Germany as a joint venture partner and exclusive agent, has been focused and continuous till now.

Currently in addition to Surface Protective Systems, Aderan offers a comprehensive range of services of engineering, supply of materials and equipment and construction in format of EPC for various industries of Iranian complexes.

  • Design and Engineering, Procurement Construction of Refractory systems (consisting of Brick, mortar and cement, Special shaped bricks and insulating materials.
  • Wide range of FRP / GRP such as Pipes, Fittings, and special equipment
  • New Design and Re-Engineering of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid Plants
  • Complete Gas Cleaning systems
  • Design and procurements of Pickling Plants
  • Non-metallic and plastic Pumps for Chemicals
  • Special equipment with internal Lead Lining (Pressure Autoclaves, Flash Vessels, WESP, etc.)
  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WEST) and accessories like electrodes, etc.
  • Lead Anodes for non-ferrous and metallurgy extraction units
  • Mist Eliminators, Candle Filters, Demister of Sulfuric Acid plants
  • Brush type gas scrubbers

The services are being provided in our close cooperation with:

  • STEULER-KCH GmbH – Germany
  • STEULER Anlagenbau – Germany
  • Hugo Petersen – Germany
  • JL Goslar – Germany
  • MUNSCH Pumps – Germany
  • Begg Cousland – Scotland

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