WET ESP, Pressure Autoclaves

Design and Manufacturing of Apparatus Construction Lead/Steel

JLG Steel Equipments

Pressure Autoclaves for Leaching Plant in Non-Metallic units

Pressure and Flash Vessels

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Filters WESP

Star Tube Cooler and Star Tubes


WESP Discharge Electrodes X3 type, Collection Plate and complete WESP

 Design and manufacturing of special Tanks and Vessels with Satanity alloy with Silicon and Lead-lined

JLG Star Tube Bondle

Anodes for Extractives Metallurgy

JLG Anode

Design, production and supplying of Electro-Winning Lead Anodes with approximate life time 4 to 6 years for industrial electrolysis plants and nonmetallic extractions units.

Lead-Silver Anodes (Pb-Ag) in Zinc Plants

Lead-Calcium Anodes (Pb-Ca) in Copper Plants

And special Lead Anodes with specific configuration in Hard chromium plating, Cold galvanizing processes, Stainless Steel industries, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Cadmium and Gold extraction industries.

Approximately with 10% reduction in power consumption in electrolysis units with JL Goslar Lead Anodes manufactured with advanced process robotics devices and the exact amount of metal alloys.

Lead Lining, Lead Cladding

JLG Lead Lining

Homogenous Lead Lining and Lead Cladding inside of Industrial Equipment such as special Quenchers, Scrubbers, Autoclaves, Vessels, etc.

JLG Tanks & Autoclaves

Special Repairs and Maintenance of Industrial Components

  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Filters WESP
  • Pressure Autoclaves
  • Evaporators
  • Star Tube Cooler and Star Tubes
  • Washing & Cooling Towers

Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing of Radiation Protection Systems


Protection JLG

In medical industries

Special Containers for transporting Hazardous Media



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