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Our systems are field proven for a variety of applications such as concrete and steel structures, tanks, vessels, reactors, absorption scrubber, drying and cooling towers, crystallizers, thickeners, autoclaves, pipes, furnaces, burners, regeneration plants, waste water treatment, facilities in the following industries:


Chemical and Petrochemical

·  protection of floors/cleaning areas

·  process of filling areas

·  chemical tank farm storage containment areas


Oil and Gas Refineries

·  protection of tanks and pipes against H2S and

·  washing and cleaning in heat exchangers


Metal Finishing

·  plating/metal finishing areas

·  chemical storage areas

·  protection of floors exposed to chromic, nitric, and
      other oxidizing acids

·  design and protection of pickling line


Food and Beverage

·  mixing and blending process

·  filling and bottling areas

·  storage and chemical containment areas

·  where sterile conditions and ease of cleaning are        necessary


Power Generation

·  process areas

·  neutralization tanks exposed to caustic and sulfuric acid,        etc.


Waste Water

·  chemical storage containment areas

·  chemical treatment areas

·  floor and walls for demineralizer area


Pulp and Paper

·  process areas

·  recovery boiler floors



·  painting areas

·  protection of floors / cleaning areas



·  corrosion resistant floor and electrolytic cells

·  protection of chemical containment areas

·  antistatic flooring



·  bulk chemical storage

·  where sterile conditions and ease of cleaning are necessary

·  conductive floor areas exposed to solvents, acids, organics, caustic, etc.



·  plating/metal finishing areas

·  rail car/tank car



·  leaching

·  truck loading/unloading areas(cyanide, sulfuric, caustic)

·  electrolyze cell areas



·  lining of process and storage tanks, dye rooms, collecting pits

·  chemical-resistant floor and wall surfaces

·  tanks for demineralized water


Off-shore and marine

·  protection of decks, super structures and holds

·  protection of piers and jetties


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