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Refractory Systems




Refractory systems not only have to stand up to extreme temperatures, but also have to contribute to the optimal utilization of energy.

In the manufacturing of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, refractory systems carry out physical-chemical feats: on one hand, they have to stand up to temperatures of up to 1600 C, on the other, they must not react with the material they are being used with.


The refractory lining used here is also exposed to the most severe mechanical and chemical attacks. By using high densified bricks and special impregnated qualities, we also help extend service life substantially and by doing so, increase plant availability.


Refractory products are consisting of:

  • Fireclay products which are manufactured by semi-dry or dry process
  • High alumina bricks based on:
    • Andalusite
    • Chromium Andalusite
    • Mullite
    • Bauxite 80-85% Al2O3
    • Chromium Bauxite
    • Corundum
    • Chromium Corundum
  • High alumina bricks resin-bonded
  • Further shaped refractory bricks:
    • Silicon carbide bricks
    • Zircon bricks
    • Zircon-mullite bricks
  • Kiln furniture based on:
    • Cordierite
    • Fire clay
    • Andalusite
    • Andalusite-Cordierite
    • Mullite / Corundum
  • Refractory mortars and mastics , consisting of:
    • Refractory mortars, dry / ceramic setting
    • Refractory mortars, dry / hydraulic setting
    • Refractory mortars, dry / with mixing liquid based on potassium silicate
    • Refractory mastics, dry / with mixing liquid based on aluminium phosphate
    • Refractory mastics, ready for use / based on potassium silicate
    • Refractory mastics, ready for use / based on aluminium phosphate

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