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Regeneration Technology

Many different waste mixtures with high concentration of acids, lyes and metals results during chemical processes.
In order not to have to neutralize and discharge the media with the high costs involved Steuler has developed modular plant components which treat the respective waste solution and thus recover the contained raw materials and water.
The recovered materials are then fed back into the


Cross flow microfiltration (QRS) with periodic backwashing for continuous separation of solid matters (>1micron) oils and greases and waste solution.

Diffusion dialysis for the recovery of free acids and lyes.

Electro dialysis with dipolar membranes to split salts in their acids and lyes.

Reverse osmosis for the recycling of water from waste solutions.

Distillation for the concentration of acids and lyes including water recycling.

Crystallization for selective removal of salts from waste solutions.

Stripping for the recovery of acids and NH.


Sulphur acids regeneration on the basis of cooling crystallization

  • Continuous process, thus no shutdown because of discharging the treatment baths and constant operating conditions
  • Reduction of operating costs by acid- and chemical saving and production of iron sulfate
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Easy operation
  • Minimum downtime periods and safety in operation

Acid regeneration on the basis of the stripping process in combination with the cooling crystallization

  • Complete acid recovery
  • Simplified plant and process technology, therefore high safety in operation
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Easy operation

Mixed acid regeneration on the basis of membrane technology

  • Complete recovery of free and bound acids
  • Recovery of metals
  • Complete recovery of water and circulation of the neutralization agent (KOH)
  • Reduction of operating costs by saving of fresh acid, neutralization agent, sludge disposal and waste water charges
  • Constant operating conditions

Rinsing water regeneration on the basis of membrane processes

  • Circulation of the whole quantity of water
  • Complete recovery of acids and lyes
  • Surface treatment free of waste water and waste

Waste water can by a resource

With the sophisticated membrane technology waste water becomes a source of raw materials. Regeneration in closed cycles makes it possible to recover the acids, alkalis, metals and etc... . It contains and reintroduces them into the production process.
This will allow you to considerably reduce your requirements for clean water and thereby lower operation costs. We offer comprehensive "building block" system which allows implementation of individualized solution tailored your specific requirments.

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