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Surface Protective Systems




We offer the most complete line of corrosion protection systems including technical consultation, procurement of materials and execution of projects for the following systems:

  • ceramic brick and tile linings
  • resinous membranes/liquid sheetings, coatings and monolithic toppings
  • rubber linings
  • rigid plastic sheet linings

You will find a list of the various industries in which such systems are used in our markets.


Synthetic resin coatings (based on epoxy, furane, polyurethane, vinylester, unsaturated polyester)

Heavy-duty ceramic bricks and tiles

Acid-proof mortars(based on furane, potassium silicate epoxy, unsaturated polyester and vinylester)

Rubber linings (based on CIIR, CIIR/PVC, CSM/PVC, BIIR, IIR/BIIR, CIIR/CR and NR)

Mechanically anchored thermoplastic linings -Bekaplast (based on HDPE, PP,PVC and PVDF)

Sealing systems(synthetic resins based on epoxy, polyurethane, vinylester and unsaturated polyester or rubbers based on CIIR, CIIR/PVC, CSM/PVC, BIIR, IIR/BIIR, CIIR/CR and NR)