Equipment Engineering / Enviromental Technology

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Process and Equipment Engineering

Aderan Dej Co. in close cooperation with some of well-known and experienced European companies are active in field of Process and Equipment Engineering, Procurement and Construction, to complete the range of our services in addition to Surface Protective Systems. 

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Field of our Activities

- Unit and Process design of Picking Plants
● Tunnel Pickling Plants
● Strip Pickling Lines
● Autoclave Pickling Line
● Roll Pickling Lines

- Design and Equipment supplying of Flue Gas Desulfurization Plant
● In Oil Refinery Complexes for SO2 and SO3 gas treatment units.
● Incinerators in Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
● Metallurgy and non-metallic extraction units
With Bekaplast lining system and special spray nozzles and Casing and Bundles of WESP with very high chemical resistance against corrosions

- Engineering and design of Acid Regeneration Plants
● Steuler Acid Microfiltration – SAM
● Steuler Acid Cooling Crystallization – SACC
● Steuler Acid Purification Unit – SAPU
● Steuler Total Acid Regeneration – STAR
● Steuler Electrolyte Purification – SEP

- Catalyst Technology in field of Gas Cleaning systems:
● HF and NOx reduction systems in Stainless Steel Plants
● Scrubbing and Oxidation systems for cleaning NOx, CO, CHx and Dioxin
● Glass Etching Processes in Glass industries and HF and SiF4 removal system
● Environmental Projects for controlling CO2 

- WESP design and supplying
- Design, Engineering, and Equipment supply of Sulfuric and Hydro Chloric Acids With different methods, especially Sulfur Burning, Metallurgy and Roasting Plants tail gases
● Consulting, technology application and supply the design and construction of single components as well as turn-key plants by licensed technologies,
● Implements its process clients' industrial projects from site selection to start-up.
● Re-engineering, Revamp and Shut down and Projects managements of Sulfuric Acid Plants
● Tailor-made engineering methods

- Special and patented methods of Gas Cleaning Systems with Wet/dry process principle
able to propose a solution for the removal of following substances:

● Acidic Components: SO2, SO3, HCl, HF, HBr, HJ, H2S, NOx, N2O, Others
● Heavy Metals: As, Hg, Se, Cd, etc,
● Organic Substances: Dioxins, Furans, PCBs, HCB, Others
● Aerosols: Acidic Liquid Aerosols, Organic Aerosols, Paniculate Matters

- Design and manufacturing of high-tech Lead Anodes for non-ferrous metal extraction processes

- Lead lined Pressure Autoclaves in Leaching plants

- Lead Lined WESP and electrodes

- Radiation Protection systems and chambers

- Special tank and vessels for hazardous material 

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- Mist Eliminator, Candle Filter and Demister
● Specific Filtration equipment in Sulfuric Acid Plants (Mist Eliminator, Candle Filter Demister)
● Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment
● Special filtration and separators systems for separating liquids from Gas flow with lowest effect of pressure drop
● Special Candles and Mist eliminators for Drying, Intermediate and Final Towers in Sulfuric Acid Plants
● Variety of` Demister and Droplet Separator in Plants of Sulfuric
Acid, Fertilizers, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Desalination industries in Drying Towers, KO Drums, Reactors, Vessels and Scrubbers.

- Design and manufacturing:
● Rotary brush scrubbing
● High Energy Ventures
● Educator Ventures
● Wet and dry cyclones
● Counter-current packed bed columns
● ceramic, metal, and plastic random packings for towers
● Agitators and Thickeners
● Design, supply, and installation of complete filtration systems
● Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Separators

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