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Aderan Dej Co. is supplying a wide range of FRP/GRP products (Pipes, Fittings, Connections and special Equipment like tanks, columns, reactors and accessories like Bubble Cap Tray and similar parts) in close cooperation with the most well-known sources from Germany, Spain and India.
Our company. together with its suppliers are providing wide range of FRP/GRP includes piping systems, tanks, vessels and process equipment with special and customized high chemical resistance, thermal and mechanical stresses:

- Thermoplastics
● Bekaplast
● Wet ESP Tube Bundles

- FRP/GRP Products
● Different piping products in Type B, Type D and Type E based on DIN16965 and DIN16966 standards up to the range of DN 800 and PN 16.
● Wide range of different inner liners made of PE, PP, PVC-U, PVC-C, PVDF, PTFE, PTFE-M, PFA, FEP
● Wide range of Glass Fiber Reinforced and “Hand Lay Up” Plastic Pipes and equipment: PRFV, GRP, GFRP, GFK according to the standard DIN 16965/16966 Type D and E.
● Special design GRP Anolyte & Catholyte Header for Chlorine plants
● Ducting for piping systems and Casing for ESP filters
● Special Products including Keraverin, Kerapolin, Alphacore and Kera
Kera is a Phenolic resin-based reinforced thermosetting plastic material for manufacturing tanks, vessels, columns, reactors, trays, etc., with thermal resistance up to 180 degrees centigrade.

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