Refractory Systems

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Steuler-KCH Refractory systems including Bricks in standard dimensions and customized shaped, Mortars and Cements, Castable, Anchoring systems and Furnace Furniture, based on special process conditions in addition to high thermal resistance requirements, needs to have chemical and anti-corrosion specifications as well.

Our Refractory materials based on Silicon Carbide, Corundum, Bauxite, Andalusite / Mulite with high Alumina content being produced for wide range of thermal resistance in different fields of industry like Petrochemicals, Ferrous and Steel Complexes, Non-Ferrous and Metallurgy industries, Cement, Paper and Pulp, Fertilizers, Sulfur, Ceramic and Glass and Chemical Industries.

Refractory Cement and Mortars normally supplied in dry type and mostly has water base cements such as Ceramic and Hydraulic settings.

Refractory Department of Steuler-KCH design, produce and install Refractory and Insulating systems mostly in Rotary Kiln and Incinerators, Boiler, Heaters, Reformers, Secondary Reformers, Chambers, Hydrogen Reactors, POx, Methanol, and Ammonia Reactors. Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU).

● Steuler Special Refractory Materials:

● Fireclay Bricks like Steuler 107 ، Steuler ST ، Antelco، Steuler TELTON، Steuler E، Suprema T50

● Andolusite Bricks like Suprema SA, Suprema CA, Suprema ZA

● Bauxite Bricks Suprema T, Suprema B, Suprema CB

● Mulite and Corundum Bricks Suprema MS, Suprema ME, Suprema KE, Suprema KC, Suprema CZK

● Silicon Carbide Brick Sicarid 50, Sicarid 65

● Zircon Bricks like Suprema Z

● Refractory Mortars like Ceramor, Duramor, Premor FC

● Insulating Firebricks like Porital, Porimal 

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